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Γιωργος Αλεξιου

My favorite shot is η μανα σου


Some time I think YouTube recommend of badass video like this

Tj Playa

No one should ever question KD's heart or his will to want to help his team. Praying for you, KD 🙏, that the MRI doesn't show the worst. Lots of respect for a player of KD's magnitude, to put himself out there, in support of his teammates, knowing he wasn't near 💯..was it wrong for him to come back too soon maybe....hell no! If you're an athlete and competitor, it's about playing for championships, cementing legacies. First, I hope KD makes a full recovery... secondly, I hope Golden State comes back to win the 'ship, period...

christopher bull

I love Katy Perry

Not a single soul on this planet:


I l'île the video

Sheena Peters


Tatjana T


Mr. Krepshus


Yeon Gi!!!


Ali Naj

Sub to me

Brice ivan

Do slow mo guys plowing up coke

Heather Renee

Congrats to you both!!! Labor is crazy, I had my daughter a little over a year ago in my bathroom alone!! It was scary but we got through it! Lol I’m so happy for you guys 💗

I forgot what this video's title was when he started teleporting. 😂

Galaxy _mooncat77

Poor Vicky


you forgot to mention that jock cranley is running for governor, just as a finisher to last easter egg

I got demons in my brain


patrick mahomes chiefs qb

Logan Neff

I want to make a vid with you.

Jayme V.

i had the volume down all the way down where you cant hear nothing but i still got scaried

Lee Eroz Santos

Borring but I like it

Colby Toner

I love your videos but I loved the videos on your old channel more when you put that amazing music in them why don't you put music in your videos anymore?

Generic Lets Play Watcher And Stupendium Fanboy

The ac prisoner codename is genius

ethan miles

cool Boyt flX


The code was 12/21/12 from assassins creed revelations

PS: Congratulations on becoming a Father and Uncle 😌

Greatness Awaits

How long did this take to get in???

Elsa GG


Ella Haley

why did they bleep the word bully?????


Who's Elsa? I remember Frosty the Snowman and his moose but not the other people... The BoxTroll does look a bit familiar though.

Prashant singh

Put real men with an apple..If you can

what do i write here?

you my good sir have got a new sub

Beatrix Isabella

James pls react to jameden 🤣🤣🤣🤩🤩🤩


Never get between an old white man and his mayonnaise sandwich.

Christian Felipe

Your triks are the best


Panda is a badass just doing wheelies while the others trickshot lol

Incognito Unknown

This guy thinks he is rich and he works at mc Donald's??

James Stack

Lol the kids are dicks

Princess Rose

Holy shoot guys!! This is insane!! Another trailer with not showing way too much, it’s leaving me wanting more and more!! I can’t wait to watch this movie with my family!! November can’t come soon enough!! 😍😍😍😭😭😭

And thanks to you I now know it's

Qatar Car Vlogger


JD 0083


Monnette Mullenix

Jenna is so pure and kind ❤️❤️

Dawn Wilson

I was born in Utah!

Tony Singh

Maybe they are training to go American Ninja Warrior

Hoiya! Im Temmie!

" The only person I had called my dad was my mom-- "

qEtReM Li0p s

let’s go


So Mad Max is pretty dopalicious (sorry for using that word) and I had a lot of fun with it. I've been away for a couple weeks so only getting around to playing the big releases. I'm not sure if I want to make a MGS5 video now seeming as everybody under the sun has made a video on it. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, maybe fuck yourself (The Departed reference, calm down). So I hope you guys like the video and thanks for watching!

Jerry Yaaj

If it were tomorrow. It could of been 6/11

yee yee

Cody improved a lot!!

honey bunches of oats

....why can my parents see this?

LJ Harmon

Anime nerd alert!!!!!!


Soggy Twankays



Dam Meat popsicle scared the shit out of me!