LA RESISTENCIA - Entrevista a Anitta | #LaResistencia 11.04.2019

La Resistencia 2x114 | La cantante brasileña presenta su nuevo disco: 'Kisses'Suscríbete a /cerotube para tener lo mejor de #0, HAZ CLICK AQUÍ: DESCUBRE MÁS EN:

Thomas Kinney


Jared Morrow

This is cool


Couldn't help but dance in my chair along to the Irish music xD

Constantine Demetracopoulos

Great video. How about video with Antonio Brown? That would be awesome.

Paul Boyer

I didn't know about the last easter egg(although I didn't know any of them for lack of playing the games, which I feel bad about), so the second that clip started I thought it would be a parody of the Macintosh 2(or something like that) trailer.

Annie Wagner

@DudePerfect Hey, Coby, I am actually making a table of each individual battle win (I took out team battles but I can add them in if you want me to) and I'm counting every time each dude got in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th overall. I'm updating it every battle. I'm counting your second place victories. I might add a separate table for team battles to but I'm not sure.

Kenneth Wells


Daniel H

Colonel Sanders vs Bernie Sanders (same last names)

nadia holm

Hes a boy but act like a girl

Fluffyparty girl

probably the only person who hardly cares-

Rawrted Thanos



i completely forgot how, but i remember that somewhere after the start of the campaign (where you break the penguins wrist) 2 things 1. punching in the direction of the penguin will ko him, and 2 it is possible to get the "pay your respects" achievment. (I dont know how so dont ask)

M00N Cloudz

June 2019 anyone?

Reiz ;D


Affen Tat

Ich guess my bf and I are both avoidant, but we get along very well. We both know that spending time together is important and we have to take time for it. But we both leave ourselves the space we need and are both super understanding when our partner would rather meet friends or work over the weekend than spending time together. We both know, it's nothing personal, and that makes our relationship super chill ^^

cristian veron

agan un video de madrugada

Derrick Mitchell



ILLUSION IS RANKED 4TH Dr Doofenshmirtz vs Megamind

Inji Ali - Stephen Lewis SS (2682)

İ am never ever doing this idek why i am watching this dude love your mothers

Carlos Mata

Did anyone know that if you looked in one of cicero's journal, it says that he killed the arena champion posing a "crazed" fan?

The Bronx Bomber 6849



Tyler is the best


re setting up the shot would be a bitch

kavi vikash

icy Water balloon splash can be put in the unfortunate wheel

Tonya Greene

Bloops made me cry

Unicorn Girl

My dad never really had the childhood kids normally have now... I understand that bc he lived in Costa Rica but now he thinks that the way that he is raising me is the right way... i am a tween.. 11 yr old my sister is a therapist and she knows that she has to be careful with me but my dad and mom do dad ignores my dreams and tells me yeah right when I tell him I want to be an interior designer and my mother is always reminding me of the times I had done something wrong or even when I have not done anything wrong she is telling me that I should not do those things(bad things like lying and cursing ) and then she threatens me to kick me out of the house, I am not saying they are bad parents they love me very much in there own way but some times it just feels like they don’t bc my dad always works and my mom fills up her work when ever she can. Plus it doesn’t help that I am over weight and my mom is always calling me fat or telling me WHY DOESENT ANY DRESS FIT YOU!!! YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT but I know it’s for the best for me but I just wish she would do it in adifferent way

Damien Anaya

The green lobster shoes are $300 brand new LMAOOO they charged him $845 he got ripped tf off. Then then Sean wother spoons only $900 but they charged him $1754 this place some scams fr

raw ffg


Me: This is about JK Rowling isn't it?


Another one is a poster in some parts of the game, similar to "metal gear rising"

chris kehrer

Best trophie ever


1:05 lol panda in the back

leonel meraz

Its got twilight princess vibes.

Sir memesalot

i'm not crying, your crying



MAY Al_dawsariu

My Arabic Subtitles

Miranda Rebolledo

This shit fake you got this from another YouTuber

The Rising Phoenix

Piddy the bird!

jack matt

Savage squad panda is not a real panda

theJinny Channel

I didn't get the announcement bcs I don't really play like that

Arch Infinity

Spoons much? ;)

Agent Z46

Still awesome to see Rhys! :)