Ethet e se premtes - Pjesa 1-re

Dizzyy Beats

Hi I Know that noone will go check my vids out!!!!!! but if u do please sub to me and tell me what u think thanks to ppl who care!

Show out for the summer I might pull up in a new Wraith


So, did they make that easter egg because that one person over reacted to it?

JamesJi เจมส์จิ FC

Joseph Allen, I know your name from Thailand 🇹🇭

Henry McMartin

make a hole vid on bloopers

Junior Castaneda


Abby Sheridan

Is it just me, or is that one big bass pro. Like I live in Canada and they are NOT that big.

Leo Wu

Tyler is op are everything!

Gustavo Wong

Hate nickelodeon jo

GachaPuppy XD

A battle

Nolan Camp

Play with Antonio Brown. PLEASE!!!!!👍👍

FreeWay Dance Studios-Amman, Jordan

Already preordered the game. Can't wait for it.

Vtrans Luhan

Hulk's so handsomes

Richard Ryan

These are all bs


Fortnite trick shots

Aleyka Chiya

Just found the song, it got me thinking 🤔 💨

Izaiah the Meme Lord

can you see if you can istan ramen actually works to fix stuff like all the videos on instagram show??

Sissi Dolla

İ’ve met my husband through facebook. İt was a phd-group where we were just chatting about our phd-dissertations. And İ wasn’t in a relationship-mood. İ was just concentrating on my career. We wrote each other a few months but when he said that he loved me İ just broke off the contact. He wrote me for months. Every single day he was writing to me but I wasn’t replying. He said the he is not able to control his feelings and that he felt a strong love. İ didn’t reply him and even blocked him. After a time İ realized that İ couldn’t forget him. İt was very strange because İve never met him. İ could fight any more and returned to him because my feelings were too strong. We met each other and married. What we experienced was true love. Yes, it is possible to fall into love without dating, if it is reciprocal.

Maryam Abbas

Your not skinny

Josh Thompson

Correct me if im wrong but-

Love, Katelyn♡

The volume is turned all the way up in my headphones🎶🎶

bad gaming

I'm the one trip monster

Vicente Mortales

Snow halation?

Hardik Chugh



Holy fuckin shit!!!AMAZING!!!!

Arthur Morgen

It will be awesome

Foxtrot Gamez

Did anybody see the Supreme sticker at 4:45(

I always love your video.


Guys it's not fake. How long will it take those people to say that to realize that they don't edit anything besides slow-mo and special effects.You can watch their bloopers, they take HUNDREDS of shots before even making one in. That's how this channel is almost at 3 million.

Antonio Biorato

James:Girls are weak

aaryn fuller

1212 is not an eter egg

Dubber Snake

What is your favorite console ( pc not an onion )

Audra Legg

Talk to your mom and teachers and therapist about this .

Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang

Where's Keanu Reeves?

Beth Odom

I want ty to do it

The real jazzy J

At least she’s admitting to being one but being one isn’t cool

Alternative Reality

Awesome video! I personally feel much better not eating meat and I have boatloads of energy. It's interesting to hear the information about nutrient absorption.

Artia Brown

Who else clicked on this video because we thought the teacher raped her friend ??

Claude Herac

Is this some kind of elemental stuff now? There are a lot of HOLES!!!!!

Tim 74

9:55 S A U S A G E B I R D

Erick Lima

From where do you take this songs like the one in the ending? Soooo good.

James Claghorn

Anybody else notice how long the video is 🤨

Emily Ota

there is no sound in space

hyunjin omg


Hardik Patdiya

What motor you use for this high speed & efficiency can you clear me??Reply please


What was that music lmao

Sam Bolitho

Pls tell me where you got the golden snitch fidget spinner... I want 9999

Finn Dillon

You guys forgot the Guy who hits who just hits bombs all the time

Jude Arrowsmith

Tim is a good hockey player

Hema Singh

Once more


and yet tyler is still more qualified to be a NFL QB than johnny manziel