Dvorak Psalm 149 Boston Ozawa; Dvorak Humoresque for piano

1- Dvorak, Psalm 149 for chorus and orchestra op. 79, Prague Philharmonic Chorus2- Humoresque in E flat minor op 101, No. 1, Rudolf Firkusny, piano


another good video guru good job!!


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Jack Palichuk

prediction: i think germany will beat argentina in the finals, and in 4 years i think france will beat croatia for the world cup, could be wrong tho

Charles Dierkes

2:58 like for the fact that they can't spell "doesn't"


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John Smith

There’s also a dark souls reference in the cutscenes in Talmberg at the beginning, Havel of Vadolk is a Easter egg to Havel the Rock who was also locked up in a tower for a very long time


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MeanMacine 72

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TTV_ Clappers

3:13 do you see this man Tyler shimmeying Behind coby


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Ice Diamond

I want to do one of these videos on my secret only Evee, Ryan, and Squeewah knows.

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Marz Ariana

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Colle Josephson

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Kid Tannen

Im sorry if this makes people mad but... this sounds like a bad ass backstory for a super villian

Chase Sondike

Anyone here after the saints made the playoffs and are gonna win the whole thing


Finally you did it!!! Thanks

Dakota Pike


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it's those stupid video games

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:D THE GIANT CHICKEN AND MR. TOOTS! XD oh gawd i love those Easter eggs!

Drummer Dude

Play with Barnsley FC players

Robert Kealiher

How could anyone dislike this video?

Sasha Espinoza

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Will Froese

Giant baseball.

Muhammad Rafi Pradana

That Al-Buraq is probably a reference to a steed used by the prophets. Damn clever dev.

Mohammed Tausif

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deadpool thekiller

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