I'll See You In My Dreams - Merle Travis Cover and Tutorial (with Tabs)

**backing track and tabs PDF to follow**This is a Tutorial for Merle Travis's arrangement of Gus Kahns song "I'll see you in my dreams" for fingerstyle guitar. This version is in the key of C and is the live version Travis performed on the Ronnie Prophet Show. There are two verses in this arrangement and they both follow the same chord progression: F/ Fm/C/Cdim/C/A7/D7/G/ F/Fm/C/Cdim/C/A7/E7/Am/F/G/C. The first verse is just travis picking of the song. The second verse uses double stops, a bass melody and eventually ends with chromatic arpeggios around seventh chords starting on the dominant(C). It's worth noting that Travis brushed the strings on the upbeat, hitting multiple notes. This is awkward to read in tabs so you'll need to identify the hand position if you want to play like Travis.

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