Cima, Fiza, Lala - Nana te Mjeku

Grand Zombie20

He missed the Jax and daxter board games right next to the game of strife

Alice Lin

Can we get chinese CCs so i can show this to my strict asian parents that want me to be a doctor

Haydee Funes

When I am older I want to grow up like prince pa hes the true king

Haley Yaeger

Red touches black your ok jack red touches yellow your a dead fellow I learned it it’s for snakes

سورن امین اجلاسی

I hope snake retired doesnt mean his dead beacuse sam and snake is my dream team.again I hope his not dead.I hope😢😢

he gon skrt and hit the dab like wiz khalifa


Another easter egg is a trophy, 18, it say world not ending, it is a reference to the end of black ops 1 SPOILER ALERT

Aidan Robertson

Who is passed at Bungie about the destiny part I mean JESUS you were developing the game THREE YEARS before anyone even THOUGHT about the dang game!


These fans are so disrespectful booing Tony

Scott Moyers

yes yes yes yes yes yes YES Y E S YYYYEEEEESSSSS. Y. E.S.YESSSS

Cameron Smith

This was pretty cool

natalie ka

the minions death

Leonel Mercado

The ocean is bringing violence

Nick Lovell

See walls work

yellow stone soriano


Brayan Perez

qourtas the legend gouly im going to be like him

doughnut eating cat hi

im not crying... your crying


I am so over people constantly saying omg Emma and Ethan or Emma and Grayson like god do you ever consider they are friends and that could make things really awkward for them and mess with their relationship. Like damn please leave them alone, let them do whatever they want

Matt Fuller

Popping Teammates with colored balls, DUDE my brain: since when we in alabama?

hiha haa

Нихера себе



Half-Price Storage

Drum beat

Tsm Lil Nero

Me video hooray

Michael Moose

Whos watching after he hosted co hosted meme review?!

Hopefully you'll get well

Hickser 123

I’m so fancy

Eryk Severin

I'm watching in 2016

Patato Everything

Jeez.. that would really suck :-/

The Galactic Nugget

Just shut up skip.

MobileGstar 178

I didn't

Wheatley Core

Well ,i dont really care about the jukebox ,MASTER CHIEF IS IN THERE !

sees a nokia

Chløøøeee Is teh best.

Literal shivers

Kaipo Kelekolio-Moepono


Alex gaming

I can make a good serial killer impression but I am 10

Holly Irvin

Ty that was a eggcelent video

Aaditya Pradhan


Jane's Cute Kawaii World

I love this story of yours soo much it made me cry and I can also relate cus of my problems in such a young age share this video everyone 🙏

Tharshini vaseekaran

A swimming pool

Chris Curler

What the fuck is ty talking about he never ducked away from the curve on the last pitch

The ending where Norman talks to Harry is jaw dropping. THEY FUCKING TEASED VENOM!! The only thing that i'm confused about is that Venom's host is called Eddie Brock and not Harry Osborn so I don't know what they're doing with that unless the symbiote left Eddie and attached to Harry but i guess we'll have to wait for the next game.