Gezuar 2013 me Cimen - Cima flen ne Kolic(Official Video 2013)

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Juliette Farrissey

Dose she live in North Korea.... hmmmm South Korea that’s where BTS come from


I cannot understand the thumbs down, Your videos are GREAT!!!

jason kotowski

Wait shouldn't this be part 6

Daan Haver

2:11 Left down the screen. You can see the face of da rapper from: 'You loyal. You smart.'

I’ll take that crown

〜Soda Pop〜

F Fanta

nusknvp 70

Arrow bending balloon buster is chetead again and follow the arrow in the slow version


Another SJW movie 😑

Robinson Espinoza

Pokemon mmorpg ?

Lelaxx 28

Wait did a real psycho send u this??

jeremy wilson

I want to see a nother video please

Zachypoo M

Jedi comes down and slices his body right in the center lightsaber marks on his fcking shoulder down his back

The Nimrod's


Joann Marie Linga


Ethan Sean

7:05 what happened to Ty's haircut?

Alita S

OMG there are Thai like me🇹🇭

\___/ Waaaaat? Did i hear it wrong?

Game Bros

Who's watching this in 2016?

Muhammed Raşit



i love your videos

Tomi Velazquez

I think that Germany is going to win xD

hErE's tHe mOtHeR f*CkInG tEa SiS

That doge ball though 😵

Sherry Marshall

A bottom is nothing

Josh Rakitic

You bring precious gold

Every Siren in borderlands Always get more badass in the next game.

weed cola



Make dude perfect stereotypes.

Karen Yao

So sorry for your loss, Jeffree...i know how u feel. Sending all my ❤❤❤❤ to u and Nathan

Unfortunate with Tyler Awesome ending ☺️

Sugyani Subudhi

Swing pool

HAB YouTube

That last Easter egg tho XD


The last Easter egg was the best


That first dress shop was amazing! The guy was so sweet and funny.

Jesse F.

The transaction pieces are so cringe 😂

JCraft - MCPE

Coincidence: The arrangement of people in the first round are the arrangement of people in the dude perfect cover photo

Landen Ricklefs

Hate dislikes

Evan Negrete

Cody and Luke's team name should team Coke

Edit: they also insult me by saying "I hate you" or "I just wish you weren't my daughter and your brother was my only child" (tru story)

Exotic Ninja


Oh and by the way i'm french so escuse me for my bad english ^^'