Portokalli, 27 Maj 2018 - Melamini dhe Jang Lee (Babai prokuror)

bla alaa

didn't anyone notice alcatraz reference in the arrow to the knee reference pay attention and you will hear "i bet alcatraz would have nailed it"

iililliil TFM

Nice, man.

Creative Destruction Gaming

I’m the hot sand guy and the surfer bro.

Steele Goodman

At 0:51, it sounds like Cory lost his voice


When you said "mature eyes", that reminds me of how my doctor said my face looked more "mature" since last year's checkup... you are so right, we ADAPT. We don't "go downhill" unless we let ourselves go really

Ben Kinnetz

You are my favorite YouTube channel

Meutia Mulyadi

# team necklace

Maia Kazama

Watching in 2018


roadhouse better in my opinion



Retail и grover


The phone changes from iphone to android

Σπυριδουλα Αγριου

Amazing but that needs a lot of tries I would never do it even though I play basketball 7 years


anyone else want the clothes in this video? just me? okay.

макс неклюдов

Magic Of cards-magic "magic five"and static marker



The Boogeyman

Thanks for this video, I never knew being bipolar was so terrifying. I'm glad to know more about it. I hope you're doing well. :)

Pooja Sharma

While watching the video who all thought that cody had lost his mind for thinking the net,nail,etc were from the 1700s till the results weren't announced in the end.And if thought that please drop a like👇😎

Elon Muscular

Wake the fuck up, Sommer Ray. We have a city to burn.

Gwendolyn Godfrrey

dude they are all perfect 😄😄👍

Giacomo Minotti


Janelle Axline


Heru Prakasa

Is the gun is real

Sophia OSheaf

did they really just bleep out hell and bully xD

Layth Alkhatib

Hey ty your the best person I ever known other than my family😇😇😇😇😀😀😀

that had me dead

shadowtrooper 262

3.33 Why would someone create a sherk medal ? That is some total bullpoop.


Courtois I love you


Well this is New

Sakil Khan

That scene was great but we couldn't see panda's face

TTV Choopy

not dud e perfect

Logan Eckhart

It is going to 🏔🌋

Your Favorite Anime

If I'm around a big group it turns me into "ultimate introvert" mode. Me in a nutshell. Big party, I don't want any physical contact please. Stage, I can't speak a word. Being stared at by strangers, my extreme nightmare. Big school group, better stay far away and take it slow. No nine to five, put the work in

Pedrinho Munhoz

😎👕👖 👞

xo Leslie xo

Smoking is not COOL! It disgusting and it makes you die faster. If you smoke you are VERY UNEDUCATED!! Smh. Your girlfriend is very educated and smart. YOU ON THE OTHER HAND, ARE NOT!!!

Jay Bird

James Bond a gangsta.


I’m not scared of what my mom will say I’m scared that our relationship will change after I’ve told her. I’m severely depressed and am also in the closet I have no idea how to tell her



Anna Ivaldi

lol me too it happens stay calm girl. and worst part I had it for fucking summertime from the 4th of May to the 7th of October ahhhhhhhh


Wish i could do half the tricks u lot do.. So cool! :) xx

BradyBG 73

I can’t believe Ty is excited for someone that beat him!😮

Adam Finegan

The Eiffel tower should be next.

baby girl

broo this sound like a real girl ..those hormone pills are working


I wonder if it will take coby another 4 years to win again


that was just the cinematic trailer. i wanted to see real gameplay