derpasarus 22

I'm surprised panda can't BEAR to watch the explosion

Jesus Mantilla

Hey my friend kai said that he was on the team or wanted u on the team dude perfect and he was better than all of yall is it true

Jonah DiGiacomo

Video length...

Intezzz Fatexx

the fps is very strong with this one

Lil Tjay- what’s wrong wit the first song

Random Person

I bought a new bikini that actually fit, and it was a one piece

MKE Poetik Soldiers

You should've just made a Talos principle series

Alaster Hinkley

Sorry garret I'm going with wait actually garret and Tyler are both the same


I would have help him up the same way . Did you see how hard he hit those people ...upper cut his butt right back on his feet lmao jk but hopefully basketball team has insurance poor people haha

Hip hop Life

I never thought of myself as an introvert but after seeing this video I realized that I relate on so many levels

Muratzittin Kıllıbacak

Well... If you had encourage to tell this story on internet, sharing it with random people, why don't you talk with a psychiatrist too? being "afraid" isn't an alibi, all you have to do is just saying a sentence (geez, i keep spelling that last word incorrect)

hannah radomski

we love the dr.pepper ballpark

No, I'm not what society classes as 'pretty'

Alannyoyi Izampuye

I'm from South Africa

Add "THE BEST" to whatever your cooking.




I love twin peaks

Ethan Stewart

Team Shatter Train!


Пердак сочный

MinuteVideos’s Parents Abounded Her And ONLY her sisters care about her and the entire world doesn’t care and her dad drinks 😞

Carter Collum

greatest luquid of all time

Mzo Tv

In it Steph

Muffin Man

“Life was becoming better for us”

Justice Ortiz

Videos will always amaze me .

JJ Lee Vlogs


ghost doggo



This is the first time I feel bad for what the rage monster did😥

KINGmktk Channel

Hahahai just thought how nice it would be if thanosand elsagonna have a fight


i think the skulls are more of collectibles that you find in the game in some random places and drop off too get a developer mod for weapons but thats just what i think

Kasparas Spukas

Wow garett

Bling Blaow

Drake reaction when KD hurt his leg. God's plan

Tyler Hunter

P U M A!

math gamer

Im a fan of u do 9 years 😗


Use me as ‘ next big rap song ‘ button

Jessica Heidl

Who was that guy at 36?