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Adoption is an option.


Do barbershop stereotypes

Suwin Khamchaiwong

Every Thai ever lmao

Forest Simon


TDG 1311

the dark crystal age of resistance is coming on Netfix and it's better than before

There’s nothing. To talk about

plot twist: She is safer on the streets


Studies have shown that humans fear the unknown, which is why we are scared of darkness, which can explain why we are afraid of death, as we don't know what happens. Do we be alive again with no memory? Do we simply stop existing? Or do we go with a higher being? Strange...

Skylar Jay

"I'm just afraid of what my friends at school would think of my family"


This all started because she accedintly poured a drink on his suit


I will join you till the end, Guru.

HeLp mE

Mind boggling how this is only #5 on trending but people jack off to fucking Disney movies

Jacob Windorski

Stereotypes: baseball

Bubbly Soda

Its not even an opinion, you're not supporting someones human fucking rights!!! This girl gonna be graduating clown school for sure 🤡


헐 세상에...존나 좋다....

Unused in video games means a element still in the game.

Jill Holman

Cory looks like camron Boyce with no eyebrows 🤗

Елена Брежнева

Team ty

Dorangel Lopez


Abu Dahool

I really wish this game was good...


First Ever Dude Perfect IPhone Game Battle

He doesnt know yet, but I like him too ❤

KimChi Nguyen

Coraline's begining scene was sastifying

AsD 35

1 like = 1 broken heart :(

I hope others who go through this can do the same and don’t give a sh*t on what anyone would say.

William Curley


Brian Paez

if you dislike borderlands i will find you >:()