The Four Seasons - Violin Concerto No. 1 in E Major, Op. 8, RV 269 "Spring"

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Go corygg



do they make videos for every small flaw

I swear I thought that was the lyrics

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Garrett didn't do bad...but in battles Tyler is never beaten


I've seen some leaks and the movie's pretty dark. They journey north to discover the origin of Elsa's power and it includes some shit about ancient prophecies and something about a Elsa's destiny to be the one true Queen who will restore peace to lands beyond Arendelle. But they are warned about some Fire Witch that will destroy Elsa. As they journey north, they free some slaves and some eunuch assassins and they all pledge support for Elsa. Meanwhile, back in Arendelle, Prince Hans is masterminding some coup, helped by the Duke of Weselton. They conquer Arendelle. Elsa realizes her true power, and becomes really fucking powerful, while Anna realizes that she has the power of fire. Fearing that she is the Fire Witch, Anna, tries to kill herself, but her suicide attempt is cut short by some creatures. The creatures "kills" Kristoff but it seems like Anna's power of "fire" can also restore life or shit like that. Something's off with Kristoff though. Elsa and the team come back to Arendelle only to find the whole fucking shebang Hans has made, and she wages an all out war against all of them. Elsa makes an Ice Dragon and freezes Hans' forces while the former slaves and the eunuch assassins clash swords with the Duke of Weselton's forces. Hans doesn't want to surrender, but the Duke of Weselton rings the bells anyway. Elsa though, is triggered after she discovers that the Hand of the Queen, who was also her lover, was also part of the coup, and that this guy was willing to help Hans because he's gay for Hans. Elsa starts freezing all of Arendelle with her dragon, killing even the innocent. Hans tries to escape with his twin brother who is also his lover, but they are killed by bricks. Anna is horrified by her sister's shit.After the shitfuckery, Elsa makes a weird Nazi-esque speech while the cinematographers flex their muscles with the dragon and stuff. Anna is told by Kristoff that he's not Kristoff anymore. He's something else now. And he says he can see stuff and he sees a future with Elsa fucking the world over with a long ass winter. So Anna decides to kill her sister. In the throne room, Elsa bitches about how their parents died too early so nobody taught her how to count past twenty. She moves like Viserys Targaryen. Anna hugs her sister, and she plunges a knife unto Elsa's chest. Anna is stricken by grief. Elsa's dragon finds Elsa dead and kills Anna with his icy breath, which Anna accepts because guilt.Kristoff who is not Kristoff, is hailed as the new king by the people. He actually planned this whole shit to happen because the real Kristoff is dead and his body is now occupied by some ancient evil that wanted to rule the world and knew that Elsa and Anna were his greatest obstacle. END.

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Just know that even if someone is wearing a smile it doesn’t always mean it’s real! Never let anyone do anything to you without ur permission. Stay safe ❤️


SONG? omg i need to know the name please, it was soo good!

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He's just polyamorous 😂


you also forgot that Grayfox was the first to say train stations both in the original and Twin Snakes versions


green screen trick shot

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S(he) be(lie)e(d)🎈🎈🎈

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The Tom & Jerry one, had me sleep 😪😴💤💤💤

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You should do a ping pong battle


I ashannie and this song was great💖

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2:59 Say That To Kylie Jenner

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Team corry for life

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I live in milwaukee Wisconsin and I wouldn't want to come here

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This is the best thing... Make more of these

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@magicnick13 how's it fake?

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Can you do a video at Ross Ade Stadium in WestLayffette IN

This Story is Absolutely Joking just wanted to make u smiles :)

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She does drugs and smokes

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who is the 6 person

Horror Wolf gaming

My mom and dad smoke I’m only a small kid :(

R.i.p my enjoyment of montages

It's me hashim

This movie will be the worst movie of the centuries

Shut up and give me the new Splinter Cell.

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it was a great video tho❤️✨

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Poor baby girl! Hope she’s doing ok! 😢😭


Finally I saw this after seeing them in ad. I didn't able to finish that because of poor network and Im happy seeing this omg.

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12:14 Well that explains why they lost the Super Bowl

What’s ya height ? N H20 ... I Look aLoT better in My PoLo Attire !!

mother: I wIlL CalL tHE PoLiCe


These comments are why I hate this cringe community


What did the cake do to you

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an animal DUUUUUHHH

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Love him! 😍

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There are the military robotd ( farmhands) that say i love the smell of ( i don’t remember ) at morning love your vids!

I luv u mom

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i cant tell if it was cody or cory but cody or cory were not getting up is that acting?

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In Normal Voice Dude , there's a new Zelda game coming out

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i also found an easter egg in shadow warrior, at the beginning of the game, the one that we should buy a katana, when you got out the car, go outside, turn left and proceed forward untill you see a dead end, guess what? see for yourself

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Is anyone gunna talk about her drawing skills

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Pleas don't provoke the chickens

It was a dream

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oh hey luke is wearing a sans shirt xd