9-Year-Old Plays Banjo on David Letterman Show

Become a fan!year old banjo boy Jonny Mizzone and his brothers Tommy 13 on guitar, and Robbie 12 on fiddle perform "Flint Hill Special" by Earl Scruggs on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Shaunnette Jack

Guys my son loves your videos and please can you send him some sour cream and onions ruffles.

david berlin

Dust in the feild at 3:13? I think it's fake

Michael Selesky

The up and over splash

Trollie McG

Lame. People overeating to everything.

Daimonds And hearts

Hit or miss

blxssom ‘

Just give it to the old dude, be more practical, he’s giving money for it anyway :)

Psychotic Thinker

Frozen 2? The title itself is boring I wish they add more

Will Wonka outdoors

Y r they playing soccer on a baseball field


You forgot the makes all the shots guy

Hamid Ali


Rexzo Likes Poo

guru show ur face

Christopher B

Did u notice battlefield 4 references are all about Jurassic park the t rex and the pharadactle and the goat

Kuckoo Karen

Were those the stones from brave?

Me: t-TaDaShI!?!?

• The guy who looks in the stands the whole game looking for the lady’s gua-sha treatment which all helps tremendously. Yes I have sever anxiety so need many treatments at moment.

art shanti

Hey i hate u now before i even watched ur video👏🏽

Madicake bake

But is she ok?!

Jack S

@sfsboy1412 Can you not read? tells you at the start.


I’ve watched this video so much when it first came out because of how EPIC this is!!

Chloe Oxford

We're back!!!!!!! James-ann I oop

Me: Let's go live in the woods

Samuel Deighan

Like higher manmals, they spend years rearing for their young, like them.they sense lost


YO mama so fat Donald Trump asked her to be the wall!XD

ღMia Playz ღ

I have anxiety and I try my best to hold in my anxiety attack but most of the time I text my friend cause she helps me calm down cause I tell her everything and she understands cause our pasts relate..

GO Crazy

TBh the Bully is a real Bitch


thank god i got scared


Like the video. Dislike the unnecessarily long reference clips. Keep it short and sweet don't need a minute clip for a reference put on screen for 15 seconds.

Tam Randomness

I just fell off my bed