Documental: Cuba, Sombras y Luces. parte 3

la tercera parte del documental.


Those outfits look cute...


Wait how do you do blue thing is it +Tyler myricks 2. yourself

Sunayna Luthra

You are the best


they showed this on espn and said it was real so i'll go with that

zombie crasher xD XD LOL

I am all 😂😂😂

sonic is gay haha

Next year I,m 11 next year

Letroy Gamez

Dallas star suck just sayin

Jake Driver

This was fucking awesome guru , glad to see you branching out with Easter eggs in movies :D

Manasa Reddy

Yo man



Zach Merrell

I am a colorado Avalanche fan. but I moved to colorado from texas. so I kind of like the dallas Stars.


Tony's been the 🐐! You can tell by the way he dropped his hand from the refs that he didn't want his hand raised leaving any doubt in anyone's mind.

Paola Das Einhorn

What do you think about a Video about Frida Kahlo? :D I'd LOVE to see one!^^


haha how he runs

Addison Tope

Yeah I believe that he can do it

Drifter X

Easter eggs are real if done megalodon

Alice Wyan

Did it get hot enough to melt some of that sand?

SpRiTe Chunky

DrUm GuN

Elizabeth Lee

I would love to see you go to Korea! Asian sizes are very interesting and it would be cool to see what you can find there.

samad ahmed



I like your video

Damon Smith


Mr. Tate

0:51 so sad...

Anda Kubis

I see the ovo shirt

Maura Diaz

Burgaler: let me in!!

Aiden Jackman

Philadelphia eagles all the way



Condescending online Man

look, mommy, there's Birds


I love your voice and you should just keep doing what you are doing right now don't change please we need you

I share a birthday with Kermit and i couldnt be happier

bee love

I’m certainly feeling hungry right now 🍔🍟🍕🥖life

Nik Hammer


Green Vegetables are Bad for you

A proffesional bearder with a qualified certificate to prove.

Andrea West

Ughh Why is Tom so Cute

avg joe gaming

Who's not gonna pick the giant mech?

What’s My Name

Film with khabib

I had been in a manipulative relationship before, and I almost got into another one, good thing I saw the red flags. I fought fire with fire, like a game of manipulating each other. He broke off with being a depressive mess, trying to manipulate me back into him, but I knew better than to fall into his trap again. The more shy you are the more power you are given. This would help shy people who often struggle to get jobs, and are often bullied.

Cooper Gray


Vraj Patel

Can you make a video on the topic cricket 🏏

Lego Gaming


Milagros Rivera

Great Scott

Alyssa Licciardi

well don’t come here illegally! try to get your citizenship and if not, get a job in your country.

Henrik Orre

Zelda protecc

ReynierPH G

I dont i laugh or sad in the rage monster

Robo- films


MLG '-'

Gemini power ✊

I'm in the trash can if you need me

But tigers are excellent swimmers-

Gail Mcdonald

😔 sad

Brandon Purkins

when i see my gf but im to shy 7:03

Im just waiting for the hate comments to roll in

Sinister Red

Wait Twitch Sponsor? Do you have a Twitch channel?


All these colors and flowers remind me of the weird jumble of mental illness.

M Gam3r

Missed the high five but can bowl backwards?!?!?!?!?😂😂😂

Hayden And Ari