Verdi - Nabucco - Overture

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Regina Getter

"I look like I just got injections... Which is what I like." 😂😂😂 Ilysm girl 💜


PewDiePie, cool, and I was just looking at your creepy easter eggs list and I didn't know you done this before

Alpha Humphrey


Jacopo Fumanti

This is gonna be my favorite game!

Joseph: The world's gonna know my name.

Its_ Funneh


Afra Asim

Its not your fault

Purple_Meifwa Miss lps

Everyone I know is successful except me...

Nene P

Your obviously going to be Gucci love you and your family. ❤💜

Alexander Dulce

Man, when you stabbed that guy with the icicle, it seemed pretty, cold.

Oba Ando

i need to get this game!


2:24 :O

Hope u get 1M subs soon 😉

Piet Pohl

Come to south African

Hayyab Asghar

I think he saw the video.

*Theresia *

Easy: Elsa was born with these powers because she has the X-gene


Deserved a REMAKE, but I'll take it


who thinks you are retarded

Mason Whatley

Like Johnny Manziel at basketball trick shots.

Gabriela Tinajero

Me encanta esta canción siempre le pones sentimiento a todas tus composiciones por eso eres mi artista favorito 💙💜💗😘🥰Tu eres un artista GENUINO 🐻

Sushi Pug

*Sirens get louder*

CooperSimpson Racing

2019 enyone?????

Jennifer Yuma

Thumbs up for the racers👦🏾🏀👍🏼

Derek Arredondo

1 like = 1 panda not getting hit in the face

Malaysiaa Moore

I need this, everyday for the rest of my life.

Supreme and justice

I hate this english accnet

Anette Van Wyk

I don't like the purple hoser

Christina Krasilnikova

Jung Kook,I official talk what love you ♥️

Calen Beer (STUDENT)


Azul Hetfield

30 minutes away! Omg you surely have to go far to see her... sarcasm

SMiLE today

I love Rudy I also like Hap with Mo I recommend thank me later