Cima, Dulla - Nervoza

Callum Hain

0:30 that was in bioshock too

"Ofertas" tu é brasileiro?


wtf i did not understand a thing lmfao

Jessica Sanna

Guys this so serious, does anyone have knowledge about my case? No matter how I study, no matter what method of studying I do I completely blank out when it comes to the exams, that’s why I fail, the only reason why I passed high school is because SPECIAL PROJECTS they gave me, and it just became worst when I turned college, eventually I past in a college school where they give students a chance, even if they kinda failed on its entrance, but I felt back for it, because they were giving me a chance but I felt like I misused that chance they gave me :( the more I read or study the more my mind gets blanked, EVEN IF I AM FOCUSED , and completely alone EVEN IF I HAVE TUTORS BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL I HAD TUTOR, I still can’t pass. In college however I don’t know if it’s because OF THE SUBJECTS THEY ADDED THAT ARE NOT RELATED TO THE COURSE because I’m actually good at the subjects that are course related, but I’m not good at those that aren’t that’s why I wasn’t able to finish college, but till now no one had gave me the right answers because they said if it was a studying disability, it’s different than that... SOME THINKS I AM NOT STUDYING HARD ENOUGH even if I already explained I DID 🤦🏻‍♀️ I already am success now even without graduating college, BUT DOES ANYONE FOUND MY CASE IN STUDYING FAMILIAR? Is it a disorder????

*Autumn_Leaves* X

I only come here for the cool drawings

The husband or the mistress...

Parjesh R

Yall just need a bunch of those concrete hexagon cubes

Madyson Furman

Cody and Ty

Jenna Hebert

Had 10 counted for the bounces

Lesli Muralles

Hasta Kylie tiene la pantalla rota xd

Gamer 543

I am ty

Alondra Cash

bro this made me laugh so much my mom told me to shut up lmaoooo

PoopyButt McDingleBerry

Definition of a perfect girlfriend..

Baby Girl

1:36 30:51 emma where ya lookin at

Huy Nguyen

I like banda

Evelyn Alright

Wow there's talking


Lol. I like how some ppl. are crying while watching xD


Were those baseballs coming out of the pitching machine??????

Utsukushii Korosu

What a champ 10 wings and no drinks the next rap lyrics of her better be about how she made the quitters on Hot Ones look like 🐝otchs. ✊

JoweeMan_TIB (The TIB's Bro)

2:01 if you look a little to the right you see a trophy that says" 2012:world not ending".


its from matrix.

Kendall Calvert

It's sad when good ppl can't have any kids but bad ppl have multiple and choose to neglect them

Gach____ Animal



Oh my god. I think I may have met you in my 4th grade field trip


Angry Frenchman incoming


What the hell was your helicopter music?

mel l

I hope more people see this video. Bullying is not right. We all have different opinions I believe that the important thing is not hate each other. It's not right that bullying on lgbt also it's not right that bullying on people who don't support them. We should all mind "our" business not another's.

Cool Sports Chris

Tyler -Guillermo Ochoa

Jane Njoroge


Pauline Olvera

RIP. Diamond sorry for your loss

Akanksha Gupta

I wish they make Olaf such that I won't want to kick him in the face for being annoying.

Maggie Herreria-Keeping

Wow, Link doesn't like something. Who woulda thought🙃

Detective Taylor Swift

Um make your account private

Mitchell Brandalise

Who heard space jam at the end?

King Ry77

The last one

Lucy Divkovic



How do you manage to find all the easter eggs?

》Putra•IND'_'XD 《



Nick Crafter

your awesome dude perfect your the most amzing youtuber i seen in my life

Sealing Turtle99

Still cant believe Earth is almost 2018 years old😳

Good Job


Did yall even think about suffocating the fire




To be true to Philly they should have used scrapple instead of spam