Super Mario Land - Birabuto Kingdom - on piano Tom Brier style

Instead of making a fully-scored rag out of this, I left it in the three-note simple arrangement used by the old video game. I asked Tom to play it straight at first and then build up on it, to demonstrate to people who like to play these tunes how they might fill in a tune such as this. It's silly to limit yourself to the same three voices that the old synthesizer chips had. You have more fingers than that...The score he is reading from is here: of course he's adding a lot to it.He has seen the score before, briefly back in November, but had never played it until this moment.This tune was composed by Hirokazu Tanaka.

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adopted kid69

Vacuum chamber vs plants

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Sam The Cooking Guy: “Leftover Steak.”


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Awesome Edits

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i think u forgot COD 4 MW,... In an airplane mission (i forgot the mission title) there's a famous line u will hear which is from the movie Airplane! (1980)

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You missed the pizza shop Easter egg, but nonetheless this is great!

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how in the world did you get to Old town only having 2 power skill points? I was like 18 by this time lol.


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Lovin these 0:50 memes in the comments. Loving the thought of the game more.




does anyone remember ALIAS the TV Show ?? Guru, can you do a easter egg thing for that ?

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Recording: Fire


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