Cima, Dulla, Zeneli - Dita e grave

ArtSkill Official prezanton skeqin "Dita e grave"

Read the second word😊

Cameron Shaw

where is this at?

Pet Lover

I think I have it idk I’m not sure it like a off on thing little thing make me mad or sad idk I think about killing my self but I never do I have cut like 6 it 7 times and I can tell my mom or Dad they are alway in a bad mood and my school will tell me to just get over it and my friend has it and we talk all the time and one thing happened and no I have to talk to him without them knowing and I don’t know what to do I’m 16 I can’t drive and I have ADHD and I don’t take pill I can’t talk pills it messed my life up I can eat or drink some thing because of it and I know if I tell my dr he will tell my mom and Dad and or make me take pills and I can’t I will throw pills up what should I do plz help

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Shamla Latheefa

The twins got super cool

Holly Lyttle

go cobe

Brian Conuel

The doctor was more right then he knew

kamizuki shina

Did they use real bullets

I wOn SoMeThInG!!!!

Isaac Kim

An idea for the second mountain top battle: repurpose the boats they made into awesome sleds

Manuel Köstler

I think the Water Bottle Flip Edition was the best one

Just Bexy

Wh "kartenwurf trickshots" ?😂

as Awesome as it gets , BRILLIANTLY DILLIGENT !

Jude Layman

Awesome video Guru.

Ana Rhodes

3:52 when she passed out Girl: wHy ArE pEoPle gIvINg mE tHEse mEaN LoOKs

Colton Parker

⛽️ asf, gonna be here all 2019-2025


What about to try Beat Saber?


dont mean last comment

Captfunk LastName

The first one was an easter egg, the second one was just a glitch

Judy Chen

0:16 0:17

Kris Doyle

@FunWithGuru Typing in the names of characters from the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" will change the colors of the topmost bar, where the Youtube logo, search bar and various buttons are. The color change depends on the name of the pony that is searched. I know this is an easter egg that most people probably wouldn't care for, but I wanted to point it out. Also, (not sure if it works anymore) writing brony (or bronies, I forget) would make ponified versions of the developers of Youtube randomly trot across the results page. The ponies were apparently created by a programmer who asked the people in the office what their three favorite colors were, then designed the pixilated equines based off of just that. 

Nils Janssen

Ben ik de enigste Nederlander hier like ff als je nederlands bent

Daaniah Asif

This is sooooo good Red Army soldier to Georgy Zhukov before siege of Berlin, 1945, colorized.


Looking for someone to Coop with on this game for 360. headpoppin4lyfe is my tag.

David Nesselrodte

Will you do a bio shock remastered video +FunWithGuru

Kevyn Brisko

I think his nickname should be coach

Jeffery Woods


12:26 That's not how Thanos killed Loki


Plz do the pre sequel

Brendan Henderson

Ty didn’t take two swings in two turns that is why he always wins they cheat for him to win they make it on purpose for him to win a lot and the twins to loose a lot

Tony Nelson

She’s a monster! Love Hallie Berry!!!