07.Cima & Leci 1 + 1 Humor 7 (Palma Gjilan)

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Pierce The parasite

I love your trick shots!


This dumb it’s fake the voice is the same voice


Bruh if she forced me to smoke I would 10 5rbvytvtcttvcdv

Evan Tarnowski

I love how the voice actor laughs at the end of the journal.


4:55 congratulations you found my easter egg :D

RaydenAngel #1

Cody you camper!!......Cody is me in games

Anshuman Nagendra

Why is Ty garret and Cody not there


Lol who is the panda dude perfect

Artur Lishchenko

play fortnite!!




This is so sad Alexa play despacito

Jesse Wooler

10:40 That's a weird easter egg.


STAR WARS WAATER EGGS, (movies and the games espesially star wars battlefront

Artic Wolf

So you are saying that living on the streets is the safest home on earth?

Brock Mitchell


teja teja

I also have bpd

Ayden Miller

Ezekiel Elliott is the best


The 1 when he did it Like Jordan

The surgery was successful.


Tati! You’re the bomb😘


If you played darts you could be very rich and best in the world


Finally you're back

Haley Chaitoo

'' Whys grandma black?''

Weird Guy 149

It's crazy that even though Nintendo had a bunch of really great stuff today, Frozen's still out on top.

John Seiler


Jack Hernandez

dude u are the best easter egg hunter ever dude keep up the good work👍👍👍👌👌👌

Jimin Biggest fan

Girl how old was u

Gravity Pancake

Tyler looks so diffrent

Simply Shay




DumbNavinn 52_

You awesome

Just a Person

The thing is the reason I compare myself to people because my parents always tell me I’m not as great as my friends around me. To me I think I’m pretty cool, I think I’m ... as average as I could be. My parents just aren’t as supportive nor do we have any money to help me get rid of this stupid acne I have. If my acne was just gone. I feel as though I can really shine...

jack the gamer

I'm the only autistic person in my family

Jordan Burke

R.I.P diamond 💎💎 we will miss you

Catherine mcguire

Guys leave her alone she meant she's the only one who didn't get sick so cop on to ur self that is a very hard thing to deal with everyday

Random Twig

My comment got deleted so

Giustino Redondo

Threading the needle. The best accurate throw that requires accuracy , speed, and prediction

Maria's World

The mom and daughter are beautiful😋

tsundere Niki

Your skin isn't paper


It is, if you read what it said, it's six years in the making, GTA: SA was released 6 years before Red Dead Redemption

Because i won't to have sex with any girls

Laurel Matson

Wait... I have a friend named Corin, who's parents are divorced and her dad verbally abused her and she sees a therapist and.... we have a teacher Mrs. Carter, and she's really depressed. Oh my goodness.

I'm really confused

Me: :,)

Brennan Cullis

That was not really interesting that not piping should not of made him loos

fire games

you ate the fish

Alex Bannister

I got a stuffed dog for Valentine,s day and I let him watch this


Voice and Text would be nice for Not native speaker.

Arnoldo Carmona

I get it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

well i mean another android was just invented so there’s something that went wrong