Cima,Leci,Shania -Demokrati fukare

Tom Koenen

Your awsome never stop making vids pls

purple milkshake

I have asthma now im scared..

Andrew Astar

If you are s gamer you know you are a human controller

Bence Vörös

Who is the panda?

Michael Fields

so thats the ending thats dum shit

hassan ali

i don't like power rangers but i like dude perfect

Ben Davis

best album of the year🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Kashika -

Coby u will win

Nocc Fr0sty

This is Fire bruh 👌

The Eesti Imperium

Do a video with the Hammers!


Hazy Year - Early Thinkin, My favourite song that I actually wrote a suicide note to. You can only go up when you hit rock bottom I guess.


I’m only here for ponyo❤️❤️😂

wilt aerowren

Could you this type of video for arrested development

Emer Brns

Cody should be the new target


So Mad Max is pretty dopalicious (sorry for using that word) and I had a lot of fun with it. I've been away for a couple weeks so only getting around to playing the big releases. I'm not sure if I want to make a MGS5 video now seeming as everybody under the sun has made a video on it. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, maybe fuck yourself (The Departed reference, calm down). So I hope you guys like the video and thanks for watching!

Gulags r' us

sees sad animation story hears cheerful music in background


Im early let me think of a joke:

Sunoh Makoh


hockey goaltending



Good god bless the teacher who helped him