Cima, Dreni, Kungji - Miku i mirë, po gruja e vështirë

Rachel M

So..shaved your head with scissors? Tjag part literally took like 20 seconds

Jman G


PlayStation has John Berthnal


what your favorite game

Iñaki Aberastury

Thanks for the nostalgia


13:00 praise lord doge

Chan Dudu

Frozen II : Elsa vs Godzilla

Michael Heath

It would be interesting in regards to the Burrito, to see a Vegetarian version. Considering the recipe you laid out It probably wouldn't be hard to alter it for that purpose so it's not like we couldn't go healthier with it if we wanted. I'm thinking Eggplant and some of that Tofu that thinks it's real meat, but doesn't taste too bad when in a combo recipe.

Athaya Daffa


Can Hergeleci



Your not funny

my name is jeff

Go skydiving.

Ugly But Handsome

Where's garret

Maximillian Leet

Guru, where are you from?


Bruh i guessed jim kong nu lije 2 secibds into the vid ao

Brad Evans

im going to sky ranch in a week lol

Slavik Slavik

Why doesn't garret come lately

Ziv Peltz

Keep doing easter egg videos thats your thing


Am i the only one that wanted the kid to see flying a 100 feet away after that explosion? No? Okay......

little potato

I get headces they hurt but this seems bad

Just Cashmere

Spend a day with gacha tubers!!! ❤️ Gacha tubers with over 100k, there are alot, there mostly over 12! And some questions you could ask is like, "do u think you get more hate then other youtubers in the community". Like this so he can see it! (gacha is also a trend, get em views too)

Deep Emotions V

Guru I saw a person stole nearly all of your vids il try to tell u his YT name

Eva Ponce

My god "minute videos"

no no no..

Troll4days gt

I feel bad for laughing when the girl walked off

coco's team gameing and vlogs

I mite be new

Aimée Glover

Uh. People. Gets with another girl

Liv. Swoothwin

Any Irish or russian propel here I'm half of the 2? 🇷🇺🇮🇪

at0m appl3

Way to go man, there's nothing getting by you.

Thiago Souza

Awesome video

Kruthornet 16

Last shot was best

(clash of clans) for all u non christian dirty minded meanyhead faces




Ya! Former Badgers QB! On Wisconsin!

Shan ali Play

I love you dude perfect

Iara Martínez Carro

You look like kids totally excited 'bout all those guns