This Kid Solved This Rubik's Cube In 3 Seconds...

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Korea TV

Mines left me for a glass plus

Sirris Mendoza Sunless Realms

I loved the edition... holy fuck you deserve a prize for such effort. Great work man!

Le Derps!!!!! Le Turtle and Le Armadillo!

I understand, my dad died when I was 6 and was mentally abusive, he smoked alot too. It's not as bad as what his father did but still.

Din Mandang

bikin greget

MayaGaming TV

#savethesoap2019 😂😂😂

Roses are red Girl: .

Leroy Pohatu


he shouldnt have been flying alone in this weather nor in this weather at all..

Fedora The Explorar

The bttf kid grows up to be a pimp I bet

greg sanders

(Chris Smoove laugh) on that last easter egg

Pizzatime Dozy

This is called a mean friend you know what f it she shouldn’t have friends


Im watching this in 2095the computer I'm using is very outdated

Lowbunny Frost

The neighbour’s - “why is this chair here!?!?”


came to see how a blitz ball worked, but this just isn't for me.

Fatima Magic

He will win!!

dayadan live

Nah it ends when you order me salad

Demonic Nihilist666

did they forget to salt the water for the eggshell to come off easy? and we crack it on a hard surface at the bottom then top than shorta around makes peeling easy.

EB games

literal chills


Emma Stull

I like the blue teem

Spartan playz

Vid :I’m the richest man in the world

andy tran

I know you guys might be running out of ideas what about throwing knifes trick shots

Janice Zielinski

make a world series

Wonder Moon

0:01 In fortnite of 2 place

Shirley Gu

Did Cory shave his eyebrows


Man these guys are talented especially that guy with the beard. I bet he wins bets with strangers all the time. :)


gta iv never forgotten

Harold Saxon

These are desperate times Mrs. Lovett, and desperate measures are called for.


I have never played Zelda or Pokémon. I have played Mario a little tho. I started gaming much later than my friends, you see.


Madden 17 is what are doing

Annu Tyagi



Poor kid.


Bro Tim did everything!

Antonio Delle-Grazie

So sorry for your loss! She’s watching over you and your family! She knows she was loved!


Everyone is so mad about the girl. Seriously, different people have different personalities and it would be boring if all characters in all stories were the same. If you don't like the character then move onto a different one! Don't complain on every video about it.... personally I see no issue with the character and will continue watching in peace. But since it bothers you so much, don't torture yourself and pick a different story sigh

logan spence

I’m so fancy round 1

WENDIGO Pictures


Logan & Carlos

Tyler it wol be awesome if u did a back flip on a trampoline and threw it in the goal

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