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On the egg drop you could tell they dropped a bunch.

Hello Its Me

Thanks for the video. I really need this

Jdog Jdogslag

So intresting

Charmaine Chee

Hew loves this series???

That's is haram

Biju Thomas


Akidro Setik

The rage monster came out😂😂😂

Feudal Master

I got 42

Caden Ramey

Do a slingshot trick shots! Like if you agree!

Nicole Yin

You were 8 and you have a PHONE ALREADY?!

Uday Deep Chandra

this video 15 million views and 16 million suscribers

Manique Lousie Zevlardep

I remember an episode of this on an anime, angel beats

Daniele Gasparoni

this video is honestly amazing.. Great Idea Guru


I watched the original when I was 7 and now I'm 13 and SOOOOOO excited

• Bella •

My grandmother passed away, she actually had a deep coma for 46 days, she died later her birthday when she become 72 years old.

Cory's Corgis

Hold up, she had a phone at 8?!

Olivia Hayden

I stuffer form both

Shashankh Aryal

Hey I was just going to say hi but I’ll see how

Keyla Belmares

R.i.p diamond u will always be loved and now u are in a better place for now on love u Diamond love u 💗🥰

MidLife Crisis

did you ever think of jigsaw in the mafia easter egg? Just a question

Eduard David

Damn... I am so ready

Zack Peterson

Give me a golden boy

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