Drunk History - It Girl Frances Cleveland

After marrying Grover Cleveland, Frances "Frank" Cleveland uses her immense popularity as first lady to help others. Watch full episodes of Drunk History now: Drunk History airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Comedy Central.


wenjack lin

I wonder how long it took you to clean up all that mess that the rage monster made


If he’s that good he should pro to get money


Nice job, thanks for compile. Already shared on Twitter :)

SOLIDWes Gamez

No gas stations at night haha!

Jephthan Arjoon

Ok.. what!!!

Nilima Manandhar

Ty is the worst

Creative Dev

The new girl has spider eyes

N0mAd basically yeah my nans a creature


Diego Sarmiento


kristina veselinovic

I feel so bad for you

Unraveling Athena

im team ty. ty .

Ave vs Maddy

I know what that feels like

natalija m

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•T I L E Ajk•

I want this music so much?🔥🔥❤


The way you play seems so smooth

Simon Lynx

Congratulations for your five years on YouTube.

camilo cortes

You get 1000 poyns

Matthew Kurvink

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I'm one thought away, eh

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Yashwant Singh

Cars have vital role in this video but I doesn't get understand the importance of airplane ....... Can anybody tell me

Eduardo Rodriguez


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Mu S

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Marvel Boi

Now Elsa has a patronus?