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Mariel _XD

La de la miniatura es poño :D

Farhana Shimul

Why are u not uploading ep11

M. Hasan

Thats nothing... Kyle XY can do better 1 try ;)

Kong Xiong

White man can't jump

Matthew Maduli

All is i can say, is that the characters stick out against the amazing photo realistic ocean and atmosphere.

shaun mead

0:42 swr he didnt move his mouth 😂

JD Ultra


The emotions are so fake

Gain Support (IT)

i have a dying light group set up for people to post their clips or ask question or meet others playing it and group up atm all the known easter eggs are up and videos on the page also have all the info on quests and comming soon a compiled list of all valuables and collectible would love to see you on it the page is on facebook search for Dying Light Xbox Community

Joris de Werd

No animals where harmed during this video😂😂😂😂

Ashley Zamudio

Awww you are so helpful

Cowboy Ninja

Tom brady?

Reverend Benzo

I was/am actually watching The Simpsons when 9:05 came up.

Callie Tunnell

he should

Turtle Pro

The stick man were so funny

Evangel Hernandez

name the surving egg Eggburt

kalais hoffmannbeck

oh wow! i thought a sprained ankle was bad i feel sorry for her

ImVictorrr YT

indonesia Edition plz


Even this is better without LeBron!!

Daniel Mullen

The Warriors are winning tonight you don’t like it tough

Amy The Cat

Title: I was struck lightening.

Matija Bjelic

Chelsea is best


This is why I can never adopt. I ain't going through this. this is a JOKE but i thought it was funny lol


Xxgwyn and jacob gamingxX

She's wearing the same clothes but in different colors


I first saw this video and it was my first dp video

Mark Wyard

My score is 1000


The 4th coming of Christ is a couple days away and I thought I would celebrate by looking back at some of my favourite references and easter eggs from the series. I realised going back that Fallout has so many references, but not necessarily many great ones. It's weird that it's a series a lot of people associate with references but I barely managed to make a Top 10 that interested me. Not complaining, I enjoyed making this video and am looking forward to what's in store for us with Fallout 4. Thanks for watching guys!

John LaMore

But can I play it on a phone like I can the rest of them on my PS1 emulator? What? DON'T YOU GUYS HAVE PHONES?!?!?!

Ayanna O'Connor

Was this real?

Gavin McDougall

i swear this guy uses real life hacks especially aimbot

Mario Hiccup Witwicky

I love you 3,000 Anna and Elsa.

Bethesda: This will be the end of Wakanda

Ps:one like =1% more happiness for my life

Just DaveTV

Than you should film backwords

Kerim Axundov


Vasile De Sile


Richard Brown

he will win in the sumo battle

Yayayay Yayaya

Ana -rexia

Lily Macrae

Punting is like kicking in AFL. I already know that barely any one knows what that sport is.

Diana a secas

8:12 👌

River Fern

lol i call you from the depths of hell!

Lorenzo Enzo

Extreme trick shot 2!!!!

Thomas Azir



Music now? I'm glad you're expanding your Easter egg hunts, scouting many locations as opposed to just one. Keep up the good work, dude! (:

Bloody X

You gave somebody $200 and you still have to clean it.3:53

January Colnick

Still no signs of Elsa will fall in love to a prince nor a king. YESSS!!! Good job, Disney!

Prasad Satya

Dp shud bring gold to US in olympics 2020


This is the great YouTube comment section. Some of the greatest internet jokes have come out of here. What people don’t realize is that you can actually put your weed in here.

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