Blackadder Unfair Trail

Tanish Araveti

preston lee meant exactly at 1:00

Paromita Das

those are nice man, i like this vedio

LORI Barwick

That was my four and a half birthday

The whole story started when i was 5


check out my channel for a backwards, no-look, 3 pointer=)

Dodo Star


YNW Messi

I think that the 2 pop outs are gonna need 🚒

Tobi is Weird

I think i found the hard easter egg, not sure. gg?


Lol panda

محمد عبدالله

i love

geras vaikelis LT

more steriotipes

extreme oof

I remember that scene in spaceballs!!! It was a parody of star wars though.

Charlie Stretch

Long Live Queen Elsa!!! 👑


I hahe a cool idea. Make a video:Dude Perfect VS The Avengers

Sean C.

I'm so confused why this is now just recommended 😂

namjoon pls don't sue me

7 years apart

Joaquin and Grace Ferrer

Ilike the music it is theDESTIn theWorld !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you master guru!


broke my hand playing basketball

Cannie Stories

"I love sucking on things"


3:02 truck license plate

Britnie Stewart

I thought mine was bad cuz my dad used to drink all the time and he abused me and my siblings cuz my mom didint know..... 😔 😔


so soothing you sound haunting like Marvin the Paranoid Android


Watched this in 2018 lol

Julie McLaughlin

Trick shots for life!!!!!

Amethyst Dragon

“I made it into the Starbucks you know today”

Speedy Tyler

They always make it

siegfried greding

im all for Unconditional Basic Income

yeni toy

was one of them!

Middle of video:is she just bootlegging Harry Potter?

Mick Ambrusfy

Rip old guy


i was gonna give em some props but i guess they're just good with cameras.. check out my shots theyre not as crazy as these guys but theyre at least real

Sebastian Chopko

You didn't do lacrosse

Maxum Muscedere

Soccer was the destruction of this video


why is tyler always rage monster some else can be it

Spotless Shows

Hockey trick shots anyone?


I hate how Ty is so good at everything

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