Portokalli, 27 Maj 2018 - Nasi dhe Fotinia (Letra e lamtumires)


@hardyz1kane1batista remember when youtube videos didnt have this comment on every video?

YT Games

Wow Amazing, Nice Nice Nice :D

I am sick of life. If this is to be my life now, I might as well end it and hope that I'll be reunited with my darling doggo in the afterlife... Panic attacks suck, but the pharma companies don't want a cure since then they couldnt sell us 10 different medications...


Its real hard. Especially when ur parents are mexican and they say ur crazy. So i have to live my life with suicidal thoughts every day.....


I would love Panda if you showed his face.LOL.I still liked the video though.;)

Kathryn Villero

The music from the background is so familiar

jonathan flash

I am so happy coby won his first time.

Stairs: I’m about to end this bot’s whole career

Shafin Hussain

Anyone watching in 2019

c games

I stood up to a bully but i got bullyd more cuz of that but now he live in the usa

Anna Eclate

This is SO ME

Martti Päivinen

Walks in through the security with strangeling wire on his hand and clearly seen, guards dont realize anything. Best security ever.

Stephanie Nelson

Don’t call me doc boy


that was crazy!


Black mirror copy headass

Tyler Nixon


Oh yeah? What if she pregnant now what? Evil husband:oh hell no*runs away*

Selvy Anitha


hi tech

i know the name of panda his name is jeff toney


I stood up from my bully. Hello my story was i have än Best friend but she betrayed me with my friends And become. Bully She bully Me Every day But she Transfur

Shubhit D Modi



This is how many people are SHOOKITH by how this woman kept a relationship with this man...

Simpleyy Kay kay

Should’ve sent him a shaved dog or a hotdog

Everything Becca Channel

Wow thanks for sharing the story 😐✌

Sir Kev

Selling replays of Keanu Reeves beautiful face

Alan Zou

Superb boomerang trick! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Jacob Kuttas

Is there an evil organization in the galar region?

Zarry Stylikson

is it only me who is thinking that this is about Jikook a little because??? if you note that more videos of jungkook are with Jimin

Willian Santos

Guru is my favorite Waifu!


Thank you for warning me about the jumpscares :D Lel S u b b e d


Every time you upload a video, i'm happy af

Lady Fra :3



im just trying to get postive comments on my video.. A KID WITH INSANE HANDLES.. DRIBBLING SENSATION MITCO. please dont hate im just a kid playing basketball

Mauro Lapio

i've been waiting this for so long! awesome videos and i love this easter eggs that you make. now i'm gonna search for some dj khaled.

Justin DePauw

He caught his shirt with a halibut bait

Nichole Tysoe-Short

Woah Pixa Planet Truck Missing On The Incredibles?!?!

Crystal Agnew

Y no wet hand dry hand when breading?

Marcus qrs

They weren't real bananas

Luke Davis

Is it just me, or is this so random it's kinda dumb?

Nah fam. Don't do this. This girl is a bish and we all know it. I know someone like me would have stood up to her but Mary was shy and unable to express her feelings face to face. I totally understand and I hope people like Mary get more love and support. xoxo

Moe White

he ain't got no taste in shoes

Hannah Hattrick

Wow these storys are all so powerful

Hacker 645

Ok then whats 5 times 5

Han Winmaw

Nice background soundtrack. What is the name of it? Does anyone know?

Wazzup Baby


Matt Martineau

The term is MUGGLES, not peasants...

Wutislife YT

Mom: what r u watching?Me: Grown men over reacting to trick shots lol

Samuel Morrow

come to 106 5th ave sw gravette arkasas

Kathy Lee

You art is soo good please teach me ur ways!! :)

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