El Arañazo Online 09-27-18 el gran actor y comediante Jorge Losada.

Omar Moynelo entrevista al gran actor y comediante Jorge Losada y hace un recorrido por su larga carrera en el cine, el teatro, la radio y la televisión. Una entrevista muy emotiva que no te puedes perder.

Jack Hayden

He doesn't need to. I like youtubers more when they don't show it plus the f


Fail at 1:01

Stanley Cascante

what was the last game

Curiousity World

Background music is addictive,can't remove from my brain

Binge/ excessive comfort eating

ShadowHunter Moon

How did you get to see a therapist.. ..I really think I have something though I just can’t come to tell it to my parents.. any tips would be welcome..

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Yana Bogdanova

She was in a same shirt the whole time?..ok




your voice....its so....soothing.....i like it very much.......

Greene Household

Girl power have you ever heard of it

Wendy was a good surprise but she didn't really deliver.


Nessy locations in the description.

Miguel I guess


UrbanLuv! UrbanLuv!

Her:Losses hair to Chemo Therapy

turbo eVo

Life is an easter egg.

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one of the best easter eggs ever the mirrors edge one

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0:25 what’s the use of cutting it if your gonna mixe it again

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you are an angel! you should live forever! ❤

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In 2:32 Ty and the Twins are doing the Pennywise dance LOL like if you agree

The Roger Dodger

I’m kinda digging this darker tone to the movie


2:40 your jumper is beautiful

Ellianna Goonewardene

I saw thumnail and my first thought was


too bad the music you used is ass

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Super story and great English

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what are y'all battery percentage at xD

God of War lived up to the hype and more-so. This more grounded take on Kratos' story has become my favourite in the series. I've been playing it religiously lately and so I had to put out a video. Yet still, my favourite game of the year so far is Celeste. I didn't think any year could top 2017 for gaming releases, but 2018 is off to a good start. I hope you enjoy the video, and thanks for watching!

Amazing Turtle

So you pushed him into the dating world, was his first holding hands, first date and first kiss, but as soon as he tries to take the lead in the relationship you freak and blame him? I’m not saying he’s right but you aren’t perfect either

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Number ten:  It was a dark and stormy night...

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Well If No Do You Want Your Child to Be Dumb? Maybe The Mother’s Dumb

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Why isn't there the Pac Man reference in Skyrim ?

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Did you notice that when he called Kris Bryant they had the same phone and case