VIVIR DEL CUENTO Al cohecho, Pecho

Un sobrino de Pánfilo viene a visitarlo y se pone a reparar sus equipos electrodomésticos. Los vecinos se antojan y la casa se le convierte en un taller. Todo se complica cuando llega un inspector a revisar la documentación del supuesto negocio particular que Pánfilo ha montado en su casa Inv: Carlos Luis González y Evert Álvarez

Brianna Champion

My dad and my brother name is Brian.

Stacey Franks



Why did Bobby just do the floss

Oh well!

fortnite pt

Is fake?

Zaffar Durrani

Your voice is sharp you have destroyed my year

Tom Pennock

I have zero interest in games that feel soo "on rails". Games like that feel like an amusement park ride. At least fake an open world feel. Might as well be watching a movie. How will someone elses experience differ from mine?


Gar: Coby are you okay?

William Shey

Who's watching this after he got traded

Damian O'Neill

Great also ur profile pic is cjanged

Weird Tate 99


Connor Munro


John Stevens

I remember when they had only one million subs

Connor Dunaway

Nice Oliver Qeen


Michael Sattinger

9:04 fire style justzu


Fishing stereotypes such as fish kissing

Cee Jaii


Josh Garcia

Make a video with Stephen curry please ?


Ty should be a football player


The big water gun was the tactical shot gun and the big red one was also the tactical shot gun

Anwaranwar Aaaa

I never have been by struckLightning but I have put my finger in a charger 🔌 think like tat. Like 100 times and I was curious so I put illuminant foil in the charger think it exploded and the tv turd off and my bro got scared because he felt like he got shot he kinda look like me but he duz not to me