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Documental: Cuba, Sombras y Luces. parte 3

la tercera parte del documental.

CIRCUITO CERRADO 7 Humoristas cubanos, comedia de cuba

Humor cubano, humoristas de cuba, comedia cubana, comediantes cubanos, programa comico, humor, comedia, comediantes,

Shant TV

¡Con Posca siempre es carnaval! El actor la rompió en el folklore

Momento emitido en Showmatch el martes 09/08/16.¡Pisa fuerte! Favio Posca volvió a sorprender en el Bailando con un carnavalito súper dinámico que le encantó al jurado. El actor quedó bien arriba en la tabla de posiciones con 33 puntos en el folklore."Me pareció original la apuesta, pero el baile como personaje no me gustó tanto”, observó De Brito (5). “Favio se mete en cada uno de sus personajes y tiene muy buen oído. Se notan los ensayos, se merecen un súper puntaje”, destacó Pampita (10). “Plasmaron un estilo, siempre presentan algo innovador. Me gustó la interpretación”, sostuvo Moria (voto secreto). “Me pareció una genialidad extraordinaria. ¡Qué lindo verlos!”, exclamó Solita (10). “Fue lo que más me sorprendió de lo que vi en esta ronda. Compré el cuento, me gustó mucho”, completó Polino (8). Total: 33 puntos.

Exploring Haunted School GONE WRONG!

ENJOY :)Prankster: for Daily BEST Prank Videos and Compilations!Hope you enjoyed guys! Share with all your friends!

Dvorak: Humoresque (flute & piano)

Masha plays flute in Suzuki graduation concert


The Best of Rally 2018 Crash and Show [Passats de canto]

[YouTube Rallye Channel Passats de canto] [Photo: Domini Racing]Rallye Monte-Carlo | Rallye Sweden | Barum Rally Zlín | Rallye Terre des Cardabelles | Rallye Sardegna | Rallye Terre des Causses | Wales Rally | Rallye Terre Vaucluse | Rallye de Cervera | Rallye du Rouergue | RallyRACC Catalunya Costa Daurada | Rallye Terre de Castine | Test Hyundai WRC | Rallye Gap Racing | Test Citroën Total WRT | Rallye de Vidreres | Video rescue Renault 12 "TS" | Video Parody Test Huttunen WRC2 2018 | Sortie de Route | The Best of Rallye 2018

Humor 2017 (Fiza, Kungji & Dreni) - Dashuria ne shikim te pare "Fiziluki e Hajdaruki"

"Dashuria ne shikim te pare 'Fiziluki e Hajdaruki' - Humor 2017All Rights Reserved © ARTSKILLProducent: Nexhmi MehmetiPublisher: OnAirFM


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------🎮EL MEJOR MANDO PERSONALIZADO CON LOS MEJORES PRECIOS CÓDIGO ELTITO PARA 5% DE DESCUENTO:🎮QUERÉIS MONEDAS???💰💰💰►LA MEJOR PAGINA → DE DESCUENTO → Eltito10-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------🎮 MEJORES APARATOS GAMING 🎮 : Instagram → DE PATRI: #aczino #mexico----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💪MIS REDES SOCIALES 💪⚠️Twitch → Twitter → Instagram → DE PATRI: PLAY 4 : eltito_delfifaYT-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------◕◕◕ MIS ARTISTAS ◕◕◕► Ismael Rodriguez. Diseño e ilustración de banner, avatar y marcos y minis.Contacto → BY PLAF :

F18 training flight landing in a civilian airport

From the great series 'Jetstream' by Discovery Canada. Buy the series on DVD here - follows eight pilots training with the Canadian Air Force to fly one of the most advanced supersonic tactical fighter jets in the world—the CF-18 Hornet at CFB Cold Lake. They train under the 410 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron.

«...ու փոխվեց ամեն ինչ» Մկրտիչ Արզումանյան

Հանրային հեռուստաընկերություն

J.S.Bach Solo Suite no.1.for Bassoon Solo.

Johan Sebastian Bach: Suite 1 in G major - BWV 10071-Prelude. 2-Allemande. 3-Courante. 4-Sarabande.5- Menuet.1.-Menuet.2-Menuet.1. 6-GigueOriginally for Cello solo.Robert Rønnes, Bassoon solo.Slurs and interpretation by the performer.Recorded at home 31st January / 4th February 2013.

The Benny Hill Show

How to Make Petrol or Gas from Crude Oil.

The video shows how crude oil is mined and how petrol, gas, jet fuel, etc., are 'refined' from it.The scenes take place in Texas, USA.

Gabriel Iglesias: My all time favorite comedian.

I love this guy i never seen anyone funnier than him & he is my all time favorite comedian.


ngl. i made this for myself. i got most of my favourite videos from @ bts_twt and yknow. dont kill me for leaving some out. thanks.

SABADAZO 1996 2 Programa cómico cubano, humor de cuba, comediantes

Humor cubano, humoristas de cuba, comedia cubana, comediantes cubanos, programa comico, humor, comedia, comediantes,

Hemoglobin - Structure - Function - R and T States

Check out the following links below!Over 1000+ Medical Questions: + SUPPORT US: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: personal Instagram: us:

TIGRAT 2019 - Kimiku

(ALB) Nxënësi shumë i varfër gjatë viteve të 90-ta, përpos ndihmave ushqimore një ditë merr dhuratë një laps kimik nga tregtari plak...Shumë vite më vonë, ndodh diqka dhe pikërisht ky laps kimik kthehet prapë në lojë..!(ENG) The very poor student during the 1990s, besides food aid, one day receives a chemical pencil from the old merchant ... Many years later, something happens and exactly this chemical pencil is back in the game ..!(GER) Der sehr arme Student der neunziger Jahre erhält neben der Nahrungsmittelhilfe eines Tages einen chemischen Bleistift vom alten Kaufmann ... Viele Jahre später passiert etwas und genau dieser chemische Bleistift ist wieder im Spiel ...!Aktrojnë : James Fetahu, Fatos Kryeziu, Avni Hoti, Ekrem Sopi, Blend Gajtani, Albion Fetahu, Fortesa Abrashi...Realizimi: AMOL TV, producer: James Fetahu, publisher OnAir Media© ℗ AMOL TV All Rights ReservedConnect with AMOLtv:►Facebook:►Abonohu: +383 44 163 114►Email:

Cime Taxi 2 - Du mu myt

Cellular Respiration

Paul Andersen covers the processes of aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration.He starts with a brief description of the two processes.He then describes the important parts of the mitochondria.He explains how energy is transferred to ATP through the processes of glycolysis, the Kreb cycle and the Electron Transport Chain.He also explains how organisms use both lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation.Intro Music AtributionTitle: I4dsong_loop_main.wavArtist: CosmicDLink to sound: Commons Atribution License

I'll See You In My Dreams - Merle Travis Cover and Tutorial (with Tabs)

**backing track and tabs PDF to follow**This is a Tutorial for Merle Travis's arrangement of Gus Kahns song "I'll see you in my dreams" for fingerstyle guitar. This version is in the key of C and is the live version Travis performed on the Ronnie Prophet Show. There are two verses in this arrangement and they both follow the same chord progression: F/ Fm/C/Cdim/C/A7/D7/G/ F/Fm/C/Cdim/C/A7/E7/Am/F/G/C. The first verse is just travis picking of the song. The second verse uses double stops, a bass melody and eventually ends with chromatic arpeggios around seventh chords starting on the dominant(C). It's worth noting that Travis brushed the strings on the upbeat, hitting multiple notes. This is awkward to read in tabs so you'll need to identify the hand position if you want to play like Travis.

Էլենի օրագիրը 2/Eleni Oragir 2 - Դիտեք այսօր Շանթ Պրեմիումի եթերում 21.06.2019

Totally Beyond Comprehension Discovery...They Found Something Else in the Cave!

The anatomical structure of this discovery near Nazca is one of the most puzzling things the archaeologists and researchers on site have ever seen. But that's not the only thing they found in the cave, there have been other discoveries that are beyond imagination.

cell development and humoral response

Subject:ZoologyPaper: Immunology

Enigma - Sadeness (1 Hour Extended)

Great New Age Song from MCMXC A.D.#slyellow2Music #Homework #Enigma #NewAge

humor 1990


Hola mis belguitas! hoy voy a reaccionar a México en 5 minutos! Ayudame si gustes: propriedad de olvides seguirme...

Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto (Heifetz)

Jascha Heifetz, violinistJohn Barbirolli, London PhilharmonicRecorded March 25, 1937

Tank Autoloader or Crewman Loader?

Main Battle Tanks need gun ammunition like all other weapons of war. The tank is only as good as the loader that is providing the firepower. The main guns of most modern day tanks require the shells to be loaded either manually by a tank crewman or automatically by a tank auto-loader. The autoloader has flaws as does any tank soldier. And example being the T-90 and the M1A2 Abrams, the vehicles have their own way of fighting on the battlefield.In this video we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having such weapon systems and soldiers in a main battle tank. This is a word for word read off from a website description/article:credit for narration from description to go to the content creator however this video meets fair public use rights content. Hope you enjoy!Wish to donate to support my channel? - Paypal link: Like, Share and Subscribe!------------------Add me on Steam: MatsimusFacebook: @MatsimusGamingPlease help support my Patreon: Gaming

Strip Club Etiquette - Jungle Recon's Guide To Gentleman's Clubs

SUBSCRIBE: AFT GEAR: AFT FAN CLUB: Figure Therapy’s Jungle Recon shares his strip club etiquette rules. And his new book Jungle Recon's Guide To Gentleman's Clubs is sure to be a New York Times best seller.Simple rules to live by but if you can follow his strip club etiquette the world is truly your oyster.Strip Club Etiquette - Jungle Recon's Guide To Gentleman's Clubs★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Action Figure Therapy is a comedy web series featuring vintage military action figures talking about their problems with booze, women and their fellow soldiers. It’s the best tactical and military humor channel on YouTube. Please share it with your friends.SUBSCRIBE HERE: of our most popular episodes include Jungle Recon’s “I Love My Job,” “How A Mustache Helps In Combat,” “Strip Club Etiquette,” “Shakey’s Pizza Love Machine,” “Drinking Problem” and “Reflective PT Belt PSA.” Popular Angry Ranger videos include “Honey Badger Blood Orgy,” The Best Buy UFC Teabagging Incident,” Soulja Boy Says F The Troops,” “I Hate My Co-Workers,” “Anger Issues” and “Car Fire.”Other popular characters include AFT’s Snow, Marine, EOD Tech, Medic 68W, Tanker, Navy SEAL, and others.Action Figure Therapy was founded in 2010 with the very simple goal to make extremely inappropriate, no holds barred, highly entertaining, funny internet content. Within three months of AFT’s first video going live on YouTube, members from all branches of the United States armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast) and law enforcement discovered our videos and have been in love with them and sharing them with friends and fellow troops ever since, especially infantry and combat soldiers and marines in need of a morale boost. People in the tactical, gun, knife, weapon and security services industries seem to enjoy our videos a lot as well.In 2011, AFT started making t-shirts and stickers featuring our characters’ catchphrases and lines from popular episodes. Later we went on to expand our apparel line to women’s clothes, sweatshirts, and tank tops. Later came coffee mugs, coffee and novelty items such as glow-in-the-dark Frisbee discs. Our online store can be found at never thought we’d be a company making military and tactical clothing and gear. But we love every minute of it.We’d also like to thank sites like Duffel Blog, Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said, Grunt Style, Ranger Up, Terminal Lance, PowerPoint Ranger, Bob On The FOB, Operator As Fuck and Stolen Valor for all of the awesome military related content, humor, videos, combat footage, war stories and entertainment they’ve provided and continue to provide. The Armed Forces are lucky have such awesome groups of people seeking to entertain and inform them everyday.★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ AFT LINKS:AFT Website, Fan Club & Forum:Online Store:Facebook:Instagram:Twitter:

Learn How to Play Chords on the Piano in Less than 8 Minutes

► The Complete Piano & Music Theory Beginners Course Piano for Singer/Songwriters Crash Course: Piano for Singer/Songwriters Rhythm Immersion Course: this lesson I show you as fast as humanly possible how to read and play chords on the piano.In 8 minutes, you'll understand notes, intervals, chords, inversions, voice leading, and the basic pop rhythm pattern. You can lookup chords and lyrics online at and play your favorite songs.Enjoy!- - - - - Here are some keyboards I'd recommend:Keyboard Equipment RecommendationsAs a student learning how to play piano, you need a keyboard that has 88 or 76 keys, weighted keys, and is affordable. Here are the two best options1) Yamaha P-115 with Keyboard Stand and BenchYamaha P255StandBench- - - - -Are you a songwriter? Here are the essential songwriting books on the lyric side of things:Songwriters on Songwriting – Paul ZolloBetter Lyrics – Pat PattisionWithout Boundaries – Pat PattisonDictionary of American Idioms – Adam MakkaiDictionary of Idioms – Marvin Terban

François Rabbath - "Ode d'Espagne" for Solo Double Bass

François Rabbath - "Ode d'Espagne" for Solo Double BassDouble Bass: Irena Olkiewicz

Հումորի Լիգա/Humori Liga/The Best25

This Ain't No Rag, It's a Flag

Cima, Leci - Kush ka fitue lloto ej